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About Teeth Cleanings in New Orleans, LA

Having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year can help ensure your smile stays healthy and gorgeous. Completed using state-of-the-art tools, a teeth cleaning (prophylaxis) addresses built-up plaque, tartar, and stains on your enamel for a brighter smile. During your treatment, one of our MINT dental professionals will offer you advice on your home oral hygiene routine and point out any areas that need extra care. Since MINT dentistry wants you to have gorgeous, sexy teeth between appointments, we offer complimentary whitening gel and mouth trays at your first cleaning. For all other cleanings, we will give you additional whitening gel so you can easily refresh your dazzling smile. To make your appointment for a professional teeth cleaning and achieve a sexier smile, contact our dental office in New Orleans, LA today.

Free Whitening

MINT dentistry was the first dental practice in the nation to offer free teeth whitening to patients who carry PPO dental insurance plans. While it may seem too good to be true, we do mean free. If you have PPO dental insurance, we will make you complimentary custom dental trays and give you professional-strength whitening gel. If used nightly for several hours, it can lighten your smile up to seven shades in about 4 – 5 days. To refresh your sexy, new smile, our team will send you home with whitening gel refills after your next cleaning appointment at our New Orleans, LA dental practice and replace your dental trays when needed.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

MINT dentists follow the recommendation of the ADA (American Dental Association) and encourage all patients to have a professional dental cleaning at least once every six months. A dental cleaning removes plaque buildup (a primary cause of tooth decay) from the teeth, which can reduce the risk of cavity formation. Dental cleanings also address tartar and stain accumulation on your enamel that can make your smile appear dull and yellow. To brighten your smile, freshen your breath, and stay proactive with your dental health, schedule a professional cleaning for everyone in your family at MINT dentistry in New Orleans, LA.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

At MINT dentistry, we always take steps to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your cleaning visits. From massaging treatment chairs to Beats headphones and cutting-edge dental instruments, it will be such a posh time, you may forget you are at the dentist! Our boutique New Orleans, LA dental facility was designed with our patients in mind, creating a modern, upscale vibe that allows you the ultimate comfort.

Once you're seated comfortably in one of our luxurious treatment massage chairs, our team will begin your cleaning. We'll offer you a pair of our cool MINT sunglasses to protect your eyes as one of our experienced hygienists begins to remove plaque and tartar deposits that have built up on your teeth. Cutting-edge dental equipment and modern techniques are used to remove plaque and tartar deposits without harming your teeth or causing you distress. An ultrasonic scaler that emits high-speed vibrations and a lubricating mist will be employed to gently work away debris. Then, a hand instrument, like a scaler or curette, will be used to remove smaller areas of buildup. Every tooth will be individually treated to optimize your oral hygiene. As soon as all of your teeth are clean, your enamel can be polished to minimize surface stains and help brighten your teeth. If requested or recommended, a professional fluoride treatment may be applied once your teeth are cleaned and polished.

After Your Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are generally recommended on a biannual basis unless you have dental concerns or conditions that may require more frequent care. Throughout your cleaning at MINT dentistry in New Orleans, LA, we'll show you ideal techniques you can use in your daily oral care regimen to address your specific needs and help you maintain a healthy smile. A team member will also go over the steps on how to use your whitening system so your teeth can be bright and sexy all year long. A follow-up visit might be set up if treatment is required for a pressing dental concern. Otherwise, we may suggest that you schedule dental cleanings every six months.

The MINT Commitment

As preventive dental services, routine dental cleanings are considered essential to your oral health and are often covered under most dental insurance policies. A member of our team will contact your insurer to confirm your coverage before we calculate any remaining expenses. If you don't have insurance, please ask a team member if you are eligible for the MINT Discount Plan. This gives you the same pricing on dental cleanings offered to those with PPO insurance and carries no charge for digital x-rays or your annual exam. MINT dentistry is committed to giving everyone a dazzling smile they are proud to show off. Our team works diligently to help every patient in New Orleans, LA get professional dental care, no matter their age or circumstances. Contact our office to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

A Bright, White Smile

Dental cleanings at MINT dentistry are an important step in keeping your smile healthy and beautiful all year long. Our skilled team provides personalized, professional cleanings to remove tartar and plaque buildup from the teeth and reduce your risk of oral disease. Keeping up with routine teeth cleanings could save you from dental problems and expensive treatments down the road. To schedule a teeth cleaning in New Orleans, LA, please call our office today and speak with a member of our team.

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